No night is the end of life, after every night the sun rises again and heralds another morning.
Fortune-telling is not a skill. The ability to see, understand and interpret the future. We have to put the signs together to clear the way to the future. The future that is interpreted certainly has the opportunity for prevention and treatment so that you can consciously create a perfect life.

What psychic readings should you not look for in Fallchi?
Hello my good friend, I am Mahsa from Armenia. For 10 years, I have been doing fortune telling with tarot cards, coffee cups, sheets and candles. I can help you in all areas where you have problems or questions, it doesn’t matter if it’s love or broken, financial or work, marriage or family. Giving advice is part of my job and if you need it, I will do candle therapy in a completely specialized and professional way to achieve your intention. I will never judge you and like a friend I will help you find peace. I am a tarot reader and sign between coffee and a trappist candle.
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price per minute: $2
▪︎Time package: 15 minutes
▪︎Time package: 25 minutes
▪︎Time package: (35 minutes) 5% off
Tarot reading in handwritten PDF format, online training and interpretation of the combination of two or more cards

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