If something you experience in life makes you sad, you must know that you are the creator of that thing, otherwise you would not be in the position of a victim. Why wait for the world to change it, when you yourself are the creator of the world? Deepak Chopra
I think when you’re going through a tough time, you need a safe place to talk to someone who can talk to you honestly and empathetically about the energies around you. Sometimes, without wanting to be judged, a person only needs to hear the signs that are happening around him during fortune reading in order to find the right way in a logical and free speech, and in these cases, people want a real view of the situation. where they are, and only by hearing the truth can they make good decisions in their lives. For me, fortune telling is a window to express the truth about you, and in its most honest form, it can also be a way to get rid of one’s mental anxiety.

What psychic readings should you not look for in Fallchi?
My father is a clairvoyant and I also speak Turkish, and I have been providing services to my clients professionally for 7 years. I am honest and logical with my clients, but considerate and kind. My clients’ needs are my top priority. During a horoscope reading, I will tell you the truth, honesty and complete clarity about your situation. Many people after their reading with me tell me that they feel much better about their situation after reading their horoscope. My highest ability is fortune telling about financial matters and your emotional relationships. And according to my tools and skills, I carefully focus on my clients’ questions and give them the best answer they need to hear. that I can have a complete reading.
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price per minute: $2
▪︎Time package: 15 minutes
▪︎Time package: 25 minutes
▪︎Time package: (35 minutes) 5% off

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