Whatever you imagine is reality.
Everything and every event originates from the unconscious! Horoscope is a journey into the unconscious in the past, present and future.

What psychic readings should you not look for in Fallchi?
I am Sahar and I love the world beyond and Tarot! I have been reading horoscopes continuously and professionally for more than 3 years. Until my curiosity led me to another style of fortune telling. After studying a lot, I realized that tarot is not only for divination and has a direct connection with the subconscious mind of man and also with sciences such as astrology and nemesis. I was able to create a new style for the first time among my colleagues, which is a combination of Tarot, Numerology and Astrology! With the scientific help I have I can find your problems and guide you about that problem. I can predict the future for you.
For better understanding and to view this section, please change the site language to Farsi.
price per minute: $2
▪︎Time package: 15 minutes
▪︎Time package: 25 minutes
▪︎Time package: 35 minutes 5% off
Tarot reading training courses in both styles

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