Angel card

Angel card

What is Angel Card reading?

Angel cards, or in other words, angel oracle cards, are a special type of oracle card category and are a way to communicate with angels who are around us, but we don’t necessarily feel or understand them in our daily lives. The angel card deck consists of sacred messages, love, support and guidance from angels and is used as a message and insight from your guardian angel.

Angel cards often contain positive and uplifting messages and encourage you to live a life full of love and light. They help people become more spiritually and emotionally aware and connect with their higher self and the angelic realm.

:These messages from

1.Angels of the holy books (Raphael, Michael, Gabriel)

2.Spirit guides (family spirits, guardian angels and ascended elders).

3.loved ones who have passed away

It is believed that we all have angels and spirit guides, and if we find a way to connect, they can be a positive guiding force in our lives. This is the role of angel cards and angel card reading.

What is the difference between an angel card and a tarot card?

Angel card decks differ from tarot cards in that there is no standard deck or set of symbols used to read angel cards. Instead, clairvoyants and their artist creators have designed different categories according to their vision. Also, there are usually 78 cards in a tarot deck, however, the number of cards in an angel deck can range from 44 cards to 55 or more because each deck is unique.

Both types of cards help us discover answers within ourselves, however, tarot cards are much more organized and share common themes in their different categories. Angel card readings, on the other hand, are often considered free-form, a phrase accompanied by images or stand-alone phrases.

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What topics does an angel card help you with?

Angel cards allow you to ask almost anything, from very general questions like “What message are my angels trying to give me?” or “Is now a good time to start a family?” or “How can I help improve my family’s financial situation?” They can also give you insight into things like relationship, career, property, finances, investments, work and family issues.

Angel card readings are usually very positive and inspiring and aim to provide information for your highest good. They are a way to access the greater mysteries of the universe and receive guidance and wisdom from the higher realms.

What should you expect from the angel card?

Reading angel cards by psychics gives you direct communication with the angels. When the psychic begins to read the cards, he invites the angels for guidance and insight. This can bring clarity to your issues when you are going through a difficult time and you will receive clear and targeted messages of reassuring angelic support that will comfort you.

Clients are greatly comforted after angel card readings by psychics, they are helped to see a clearer picture of their situation, learn how to help themselves and know that they have the unconditional love and support of angels.

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