Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms of this agreement:

Fallchi’s platform services are for adults 18 years and older only, for entertainment purposes and to try to create a positive and constructive feeling in the user.

Our psychic readers do their best to provide you with useful and insightful information. However, the information our narrators provide should not be used as a substitute for any advice from medical professionals or other professional advisors. We want you to enjoy and benefit from your experience with Fallchi.

Fallchi and accompanying psychics in our collection are completely Sorcery, magic, spells, prayer writing, jinn, evil forces, negative words and thoughts, predicting death or illness leading to death, scary topics such as natural disasters, things that lead to Injuring yourself or another person, manipulating the life and destiny of the user or another person, using evil and negative tools and generally the dark side of the force are to provide you services. And in these cases, they will not have guidance and advice, psychic reading and services.

Please read our Psychics’ Code Of Ethics page before using the service.

Use of our services

• To protect your privacy, ” Fallchi ” does not provide tools to share the user’s information to the psychic except that part of the information that the user will provide to the psychic. Also, to ensure the security and protection of the user’s privacy, all services must be done through ” Fallchi “.

• By using our call and message services, you (user and psychic) agree that the content of these communications will be privately recorded by ” Fallchi ” and stored for a certain period of time to protect and guarantee the quality of service to you. ” Fallchi ” does not knowingly disclose the content of the interactions between the psychic and the users.

• Providing services in Fallchi is done in three ways:

1.   Online – voice and chat (when the user is present at the psychic reading session, the psychic reads by sending Voice)

2.   Offline – voice and chat (without the presence of the user at the beginning of the psychic reading session, the psychic reads the psychic reading by sending Voice)

3.   Online – Video (Currently the online video method is not active.)

If you have chosen the online method – voice and chat, you can participate in your psychic reading session, and if you do not attend on time for any reason, your psychic reading will be done one-way by the psychic reader, and the link to view the session for One week is available at your email address.

When you cannot attend your psychic reading session, you can choose the offline method – voice and chat, your psychic reading will be done one-way by the psychic reader without your presence, and the link to view the session for One week is available at your email address.

In the online and offline voice calls, psychic uses the voice sending method to hold the meeting.

None of the conversation parties have the possibility to record the conversations personally.

Your received emails from ” Fallchi “:

In the process of providing the service by Fallchi and placing an order by the user, you will be notified of the steps by receiving a notification in our communication email, or if Fallchi is detected, you will be notified through support.

These emails include the following:

Order information registration email

Reminder email 72 hours before the psychic reading session (If there is a 72-hour gap between placing the order and the start time of your psychic reading package, this email will be applied.)

A reminder email one hour before the psychic reading session along with a link to the psychic reading session.

Email for rating and reviewing after the end of the session.

Email for rescheduling or cancellation, if it happens.

Conditions for cancellation of registered orders:

Before 48 hours from the reserved time

You will always have the option to change or cancel your horoscope appointment. For this reason, it is necessary to inform the support group 48 hours in advance to cancel or change the time of horoscope due to the time difference.

Less than 48 hours left until the reserved time:

It is not possible to cancel or change the time and your session will be considered held and its fee will not be refunded. But Fallchi is interested in providing different services to users and customer orientation, so in order to accompany and benefit from a great psychic reading, according to the information completed in booking the appointment by the psychic, your psychic reading session will be held one-way. The link to watch the session for one week is available in your email address.

And the reason is that the psychic you are looking for has given his time only to you at the appointed time, and therefore it is not possible for him to reschedule an appointment with another person.

In case of non-attendance, delay or disconnection by the user on the due date:

Your psychic reading appointment is considered canceled and no refunds are possible. Of course, it is understandable that the appointed time has been confirmed in advance and the psychic has allocated his appointed time only to you during that period of time.

However, Fallchi, due to its interest in providing different services to its users and customer orientation, in order to accompany you and enjoy an excellent psychic reading, in this situation, the psychic reading is conducted unilaterally by the psychic due to your absence, and the link to view The session is available for one week in your email address.

According to the information that you have filled in the explanation section when booking, if you do not attend or do not attend on time, your psychic reading session will be done one-way , and the link to view the session is available for one week in your email address.

It is worth noting that you can join your divination session at any time during the period of your purchased package, but in any case, if you are not present, the psychic will perform the divination at the beginning of the session.

Therefore, please mention the following when booking an appointment:

 First name, last name (last name can be written in abbreviated form.)

 Date of birth

 mother’s name

The name of the desired fortune telling package and the desired skill

 Enter 4 main questions about yourself

In case of emotional psychic reading or for another person: the name of the person in question and the name of his mother

In case of non-attendance, delay or disconnection by the psychic reader on the due date:

If the session is changed or canceled by the psychic or by ” Fallchi ” :

Our support group will inform you as soon as possible and they will coordinate with you to change the scheduled time or, if you wish, complete cancellation and full refund of the psychic reading package.

 If communication is not established by the psychic reader:

1. In order to respect the duration of the psychic reading package, the official meeting time begins with the presence of the psychic reader.

2. If the psychic does not enter the meeting in the first five minutes, the meeting will be canceled. If this situation occurs, please contact the support team so that we can provide you with suitable suggestions to provide you with the best service from Fallchi.

3. If during the session you encounter a problem in communicating with the psychic reader, the time will be automatically added to the session.

4. If during the meeting, the lack of communication prevents the service from being received, the remaining time of the meeting will be calculated and rescheduled during the weekly schedule of the psychic’s presence.

pricing of meetings

We have specified a regular list of packages that you can buy every day and we have presented them in a clear and transparent manner. Discounts on our packages are also often available and you can save money by choosing them.

These packages vary based on the price of US dollars per minute, which includes the following:

Affordable package: 1.5 per minute

Popular package: 2 per minute

Premium package: 2.5 per minute

Please read the Pricing page and FAQ to see the details of the payment packages.

The reason for the difference in the packages is due to the division of psychics into three separate categories based on the number of years of experience, points earned and positive opinions of their users.

Rate and Review

After each psychic reading, the user can express his opinion about the received psychic reading service by giving a star to the psychic reader or by writing feedback in the link sent to the e-mail he receives after receiving the psychic reading.

You can also enter the profile page of the psychic reader you want and tell others and us about your experience about the psychic reader by writing a short review and comment in the comments section.

The more points and comments are added to our psychics, the more complete information will be provided to you and our other users to help you make the right decision for your choice.

To protect your anonymity, comments will be published under the name you choose. If you don’t want to make your comments public, you can send private notes about your psychic reading to the support group.

We strongly encourage you to share your experiences openly. Please do not enter your personal details. such as the name, address, phone number, personal details, or mention of a psychic other than the person with whom you took psychic reading.

After sending the comment, it cannot be edited unless you send a message to the support department about this. It takes less than 1 to 2 business days for your score or review to be confirmed and posted. While we openly welcome and publish both positive and negative feedback, we ask that you keep your comments professional.

Fallchi reserves the right not to publish comments that contain profanity, other inappropriate, offensive or disrespectful personal content.

It should be noted that only feedbacks and points are published that are your direct experience after taking a psychic reading with the desired psychic. You can’t write feedback or enter your score for psychic readers you haven’t had a psychic reading with.

For more information, please check the rating and feedback question on the FAQ page.

satisfaction guarantee

In order to be customer-oriented, increase the quality of services and provide you with excellent psychic readings, if you are not satisfied with the psychic reading provided by the psychic, the request to return the credit of the psychic reading time must be sent within the prescribed period. One business day from your last psychic reading and can only be applied to your last purchased psychic reading for a maximum duration of 15 minutes. Due to the dynamics of the content and your optional actions, the accuracy of the psychic reading cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, Fallchi reserves the right to reject any credit request after review.


” Fallchi ” is not responsible for the things mentioned below. Such as: recommendations, treatment methods, opinions, tips and solutions suggested by psychics, content or privacy practices of psychics and groups providing services together with us and others who are engaged in providing services on this website.

We recommend that you enjoy psychic reading for entertainment purposes only and please do not base your life decisions on any form of psychic reading.

Under no circumstances will ” Fallchi ” be liable to the user or any other person for special, incidental, consequential or other damages resulting from the use of the site, including any person’s reliance on information obtained from the site or even the transmission of a virus. Also deletion or loss of files or email, loss of data or information of any kind, loss of profits or liability to third parties, whether caused by the conduct or negligence of the ” Fallchi “.

User compensation

According to this agreement, we disclaim our responsibility for the following. As:

All actions, claims, all costs (legal fees), losses, damages, liabilities or claims incurred by the user.

If the ” Fallchi ” is required to issue proceedings to enforce any of his rights or receive any fees, the user will reimburse all costs, including the legal fees of the ” Fallchi “.

Improper use

You must not use our website, chat, or video services or phone services for any fraudulent, harassing or abusive or illegal activity. In case you observe vulgar or obscene behavior that is inappropriate, it will not be tolerated and will lead to your suspension from using this platform and its services. You agree not to engage in any activity that interferes with the proper functioning of the Website. By using our website, you agree not to impersonate another, or post any material that contains viruses or anything else that is intended to damage, interfere with, or intercept any of our systems, data, or information. If we see such cases, we will cooperate with the legal authorities to pursue any violation of the law. If you do any of these activities, the” Fallchi ”  has the right to suspend your account.

” Fallchi ” and our psychic readers avoid imposing their values, attitudes, beliefs and personal behaviors in counseling and provide a safe environment for counseling regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual preferences, age, education level or economic status. you bring Also, if we see similar cases regarding both psychics and users, we will take a decisive action and after the necessary investigations, we will first issue a warning and in case of repetition, ” Fallchi ” has the right to suspend your user account.

This website may contain technical or other errors or typographical errors. Changes are periodically added to the information in this collection. These changes will be included in new versions of the website. It should be noted that in order to improve the quality of services, we will try our best to upgrade and correct things.

All intellectual and material rights are reserved for ” Fallchi “.

 The website and all its contents are protected by copyright or trademark laws or other laws. No part may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the written permission of ” Fallchi “.

Acceptance of the agreement

By registering and using the services or visiting the ” Fallchi ” website, you read, understand and accept these terms and conditions and any content on our website. These Terms and Conditions will remain in effect for as long as you are a User, Subscriber or Member, unless these Terms are modified. We may revise these terms and conditions at any time by updating ” Fallchi “. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not use the” Fallchi ” services or our website. in addition, products and services offered by ” Fallchi ” may be subject to terms and conditions found elsewhere on this website, including on the FAQ page, Psychics’ Code Of Ethics and Privacy Policy.

” Fallchi ” may change this agreement at any time. All changes to the contract will be effective from the date of their change. Customer’s continued use of the Site will constitute acceptance of such changes by the User and the User is encouraged to review this Agreement regularly.

Revision of these terms & conditions

” Fallchi “, reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change this Agreement at any time. All changes to the contract will be effective from the date of their change and will be specified by mentioning the date next to the terms and conditions, so that you can be informed of the latest update. In these circumstances, your continued use after an update constitutes your acceptance of these .changes

Contact us

For more information about our site’s Terms and Conditions or if you have any questions about it, please contact us at connect.us.fallchi@gmail.com .

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