What is carromancy?

The art of reading melted wax and the patterns formed after the candle hardens is called chromancy. Chromancy is one of the oldest types of psychic reading and the power of transcendental energy of the candle shows how its use can clarify your attitude towards issues, increase your focus and attention, and create abundance and help you heal and receive more love in your life.

What is candle reading by the method of wax on water?

Another way to see and identify candle wax messages is to place the candle over a shallow bowl of water and let some of the candle wax drip into the water. When you drip candle wax into water, it hardens and forms images. These images can be deciphered and interpreted, and is similar to the art of reading coffee or tea leaves.

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What should you expect from the Carromancy?

The way a candle ends up during melting can be very important.

psychic readers use candles  to manifest healing, love, luck, wisdom and much more.

psychics discover the hidden meanings of candle wax in two ways. The first thing is that they examine and interpret the natural forms left after burning the candle. The way the wax gathers when the candle burns, the way it drips down the sides of the candle, or if the wax sinks the wick inside, all have specific meanings.

During the burning process, the wax melts and forms the images. Transient images are the shapes the wax takes as it melts. These images can appear as drops or “tears”.

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