What is a cartomancy?

In cartomancy, the psychic uses a deck of cards to answer questions or follow signs about your past, present, or future. If you primarily focus on questions of love, cartomancy can be a very enlightening type of love reading for you.

How many categories are deck cards divided into?

The deck cards consist of 4 main categories and these four categories are the heart series, the coriander series, the clay series and the spade series, each of which represents a part of the card fortune.

Heart category, which generally belongs to the emotional aspects of life.

A bunch of coriander, which mostly expresses the spiritual states of life.

The category of clay that is dependent on material things.

The courier handle which mostly refers to the negative face of life.

The 52-card deck used today to play games such as bridge or poker has been around since the 14th century, and it is thought that the cards were first used for psychic reading and later for playing games.

What is the difference between Cartomancy and tarot cards?

Reading signs in a psychic reading offers a very different experience, both for the psychic reader and the person seeking guidance. Playing cards are generally shorter and drier in their answers than tarot cards, which makes them a great resource for answering questions rather than asking, expressing potential outcomes, or describing conditions and feelings about a particular situation in the way that tarot cards provide.

Some consider Cartomancy to be a little too honest and believe that these cards leave less room for interpretation. It is said that paying attention to numbers is more important in psychic reading than tarot.

Cartomancy are somewhat similar to tarot card readings in that they are based on a set of symbols with specific meanings that can be used to answer questions and indicate future possibilities. It is even thought that the 52-card deck may have evolved from the 56 Minor Arcana cards found in traditional Tarot decks.

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What should you expect from Cartomancy?

Cartomancy readings are used for emotional, material or psychic reading issues. They also reveal hidden patterns and truths in your past or present.

If you need guidance on when something is going to happen, or what your next step in a relationship is, or need to know when it’s time to move on in your career, or other concerns about the future, this method is for you.

Like a tarot reading, a great psychic reader depends on the interpretation of an experienced reader who can relate the patterns in the cards to events and circumstances in a person’s life, Because there is not a similar interpretation for everyone.

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