Oracle Card

Oracle Card

What is Oracle Card?

Oracle cards, sometimes called angel cards, like tarot cards, are a tool for guidance, psychic reading, spiritual influences, divine guidance, and receiving answers for self-knowledge and understanding different angles of the human soul and helping to gain a deeper understanding. Oracle cards have different categories such as (angels, fairies, guides, fractals, etc.) The number of cards in different categories of Oracle is not the same and depends on the taste and thinking of its creator. At the energy level, Oracle cards contain a lot of “big” energy. They provide more insight into what is going on, but tarot cards can provide more detailed interpretations.

What is the difference between tarot and oracle cards?

Tarot cards have a traditional structure and common meanings. Tarot follows a specific set of rules laid down by the original masters in the past, most of its decks are Rider-Waite derivatives and share common themes across their various decks. The pictures may be completely different, but often the messages on the back of those cards are very similar. While the creators of Oracle cards can design creative categories based on their taste and thinking.

In tarot cards, there is a common theme that runs through most of the cards, while in oracle cards there may be no common theme at all, and in other words, they come with independent images or phrases. Oracle cards are truly free-form and can feature almost any type of content.

The number of tarot cards is usually 78 cards. Of course, some decks may be slightly different and their number can be 80 cards or 44 cards, but the most common is 78 cards. On the other hand, in Oracle, there is no fixed number of cards and you can have a deck of 12 cards or a deck of 100 cards or any other model.

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What should you expect from Oracle card?

Oracle cards contain a lot of “big” energy. They have a broad insight into what is going on. During an oracle card reading, each reader will have their own unique approach to how to use the cards, but most of them work by absorbing your vibrations and transferring that into a fortune reading and following the signs according to the oracle cards. And they interpret the picture of the situation you are in correctly so that you get a deeper understanding of the situation. psychic readers can express important messages in the form of deeper insight into issues and emotions using oracle cards, putting together the pieces of the puzzle of the issue you want to address and providing the necessary guidance in put at your disposal

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