Tea Reading

Tea Reading

Tasseography: What is the mystical art of reading tea leaves?

Tasseography (also known as tasseomancy)is the art of identifying symbols and interpreting messages in the shapes and signs created in tea leaves and coffee grounds. Although seemingly simple, the results are often profound, and inquisitive minds have been captivated by tassography for centuries. It is an ancient practice with roots in many different cultures around the world, including Asia, the Middle East, Ancient Rome, and Greece. However, today tea Tasseography is perhaps not as well known as coffee and tarot cards.

How to prepare the conditions for drinking tea?

It is important to be specific about the topic and question, so make sure you ask for a clear topic and question. Remember, a general question will get a general answer. When you are drinking tea for tea reading, should continue to think about your problem and question. Now it’s time for the psychic reader to interpret the signs for you. Sometimes, these signs will be very obvious.

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What does each part of the cup mean?

The cup is divided into three parts for psychic reading: the rim symbolizes the present, the sides represent the near future, and the bottom of the cup represents the distant future. Depending on your topic and question, these areas can be used to measure time (when a situation occurs), distance (the physical or symbolic distance between two people), or intensity (for example, patterns on the edge, representing life-changing events).

What should you expect from tea reading?

Like all forms of psychic reading, tea leaf reading is based on the concept of channeling energy. When psychic readers attempt to read psychic reading through tasseography , the leaves become energetic channels that can reflect our experiences, including those that have yet to occur. When asked a question, the leaves reveal hidden blockages, give advice and even predict the future. These mystical messages are placed in the shape, density, color and placement of wet leaves.

So the tea leaves simply help the psychic readers understand the structure of your mystical vision and respond to the signs and vibrations around you in the physical world.

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